BEJEWELRY Prestashop 1.6 Template

Any accessories webstore is distinctive by design concept including simplicity and purity of images. Focusing on the principles, you create an incredible atmosphere that gets customers satisfied with their shopping experience. Having applied a new Bejewelry Prestashop Responsive 1.6 theme, your clients will not be able to withstand temptation to ransack your shop.

1. Prestashop 1.6 Theme Installation

In order to install a new theme from Admin Panel, please follow these steps.
Go to Preferences–> Themes and press Add new theme button.

Upload Zip of the theme in the next window.

2. BelVG Custom Blocks Installation

Important!  First go to Modules, find BelVG Custom Blocks and Press Reset Button.

Module will appear in Dropdown Modules List and will available for configuration.

P.S. In case you've made design changes and these changes have broken custom blocks (if the changes were incorrect), simply reset the module, and the blocks will look as they used to.

3. How to change product grid?

In order to change product grid from 3 products to 4 or 6 products, you need to edit product-list.tpl file in homedsgn theme folder. Prestashop uses boostrap grid, so you can change column class to change grid. Find this code: < li class="ajax_block_product {if $page_name == 'index' || $page_name == 'product'} col-xs-12 col-sm-4 col-md-4{else} col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-4{/if}> . Change col-md-4 to col-md-3 and you'll get 4 col grid. Also you need to change number of products per line in the beginning of product-list.tpl file. More information about how to change prestashop product grid read in the article at

4. Sass Compiling

The theme supports Sass CSS preprocessor. .scss files available for compilation located in SASS Theme folder. It's easy to change main color, buttons border-radius, header or body background using variables that are described in _theme_variables.scss file. Just change $primary-color value to yours and the website will turn to a new color after Sass compilling. You can also change the $btn-border-radius value which now is 35px to yours and all the buttons will change its radius. The same way you can change any variables that are described in _theme_variables.scss file.

How to compile Sass?

You can compile Sass locally on your machine, using programs like CodeKit, Scout, Koala and others described here, and then upload your css files to server. Also you can use Gulp to compile Sass and upload css to a server.

To install gulp you first need to install “Node Package Manager”: nodejs.

After installing Node Package Manager, install gulp following gulp getting started doc:

Then go to your local Prestashop directory and create file: “gulpfile.js”, where you can write gulp configuration using javascript. Here is configuration which will upload css to server.

// Required modules var gulp = require('gulp'), runSequence = require('run-sequence'), sftp = require('gulp-sftp'); // Upload files to server. We use gulp-cached to upload only changed files. gulp.task('upload-css', function() { return gulp.src('css/**/*.css') .pipe(sftp({ host: 'host', port: port, user: 'user', pass: 'pass', remotePath: '/path/' })); }); gulp.task('watch', function() {'css/**/*.css', function() { runSequence('upload-css'); }); }); // Set watch as default gulp task gulp.task('default', ['watch']);

Open terminal and run gulp task, it will upload compiled css files to remote server.