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Full Page Cache

Full Page Cache
Speed up your Prestashop store and improve its ranking in search engines with this incredible tool. Flexible caching options with the possibility to cache any page, configurable lifetime, reduced operating costs and fantastic performance!

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Regular Price: $265.00

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For this extension BelVG provides free professional installation and configuration as well as one year of free support, free upgrades and 30 days money back guarantee. Try it now - you lose nothing!

Increase your site's speed dramatically with Prestashop Full Page Cache. A fast site places higher in search engines and directly makes profits higher than ever. Enable or disable caching on any page of your eShop. Select a hook or specific modules to be cached. Enter the cache lifetime and enjoy a significantly boosted website performance with pages loading twice as fast as before.

Key features:

  • Doubling the speed of your web store
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Enabling or disabling caching on any page
  • Caching modules and hooks
  • Configurable cache lifetime
  • Increasing ranking in search engines

 Overall information

By storing data in cache and serving it from cache when requested, we save the time needed to generate the data. That is what makes caching a cheap and effective way to improve the performance of your web store.

Speeding up websites is important - not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users, Google internal studies show. When a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there. Faster sites don't just improve user experience; improving site speed also reduces operating costs. That is why Google considers site speed when ranking websites and determining how many pages to crawl.

Prestashop Full Page Cache not only improves your ranking in search engines, but also enhances user experience on your store.

BelVG Full Page Cache

BelVG dept of testing has conducted a research on the website request time, with and without the BelVG Full Page Cache installed.  The Apache JMeter™, a Java application, simulating a heavy load on a server to test its strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types, was used for the research.

Average website response time without Full Page Cache installed made up 10 seconds. Average website response time with Full Page Cache installed amounted to 5.5 seconds, which is half as less!

Visit the demo admin panel, entering [email protected] / guest123


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